Exploring their shared interest in field recordings, acoustic ecology, and conscious listening, composers Dan Joseph and Andrea Williams perform collaborative, improvised electroacoustic soundscapes. Their slowly developing, often quiet works which combine a variety of acoustic and electronic sounds – processed hammer dulcimer, processed field recordings, bells, harmonicas and other hand held sound makers – evoke a dreamlike, meditative state. The dynamic interplay between their mixed-media sound world and the sounds in the immediate environment where their work is heard, creates an ambiguous and surreal listening experience that blurs the boundaries between the “performance’ sounds and those originating in the environment. The effect of this ambiguous and delicate interactive sound world is a heightened state of sonic awareness.

Since their collaboration began in 2011 they have performed at Experimental Intermedia (NYC), The Center for New Music (San Francisco), Headlands Center for the Arts (CA) and The Old Stone House (NYC) and were 2013-14 Artists-In-Residence at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center (NYC). In April 2015 the duo co-produced a three-day festival of Acoustic Ecology as part of the Musical Ecologies series in Park Slope, Brooklyn which will include a live duo performance. In September 2015 they appeared at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in Troy, NY as part of the Hyperplace Troy festival.

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