2021 – Control of Nature (Dan Joseph)
2020 – Halloween Split Series 20.6 (Dan Joseph x Jacob Hutto)
2020 – Live at Outpost Artists Resources (JCC Trio)
2017 – Electroacoustic Works (Dan Joseph)
2015 – Guided By Sound (Dan Joseph & Andrea Williams)
2013 – The Woolly Mammoth Tapes (Dan Joseph)
2011 – Tonalization (for the afterlife) (Dan Joseph)
2011 – Digital Ephemera (Dan Joseph)
2006 – Archaea (Dan Joseph)
2000 – trancepatterns (John Ingle/Dan Joseph Duo)
1988 – The Hypno- Seizure Tape (Cyrnai / Dan Joseph)
1988 – Sonorous Alchemy (Dan Joseph)
1988 – No. 3 (Dan Joseph)
1987 – Morpheus (Dan Joseph)
1985 – Troubled Gardens Cassette (Dan Joseph)
1980s – bands

DAN JOSEPH – Control of Nature, self-released digital album (2021)
Control of Nature is a set of four fixed-media, electroacoustic compositions composed in 2018. Slowly unfolding and symphonic in character, each of the four variations follows the same singular form, while exploring different aspects of a set of shared materials. Combining hammer dulcimer, synthesizers, and field recordings, Control of Nature is a meditation on technology, sound and ecology.

DAN JOSEPH X JACOB HUTTO – Halloween Split Series 20.6, digital release, Cavern Brew Records (2020)

JCC Trio – Live at Outpost Artists Resources self-released digital album (2020)
JCC Trio live on February 20, 2020 at Outpost Artists Resources, Ridgewood, Queens as part of Fire Over Heaven, a series curated by Che Chen. JCC Trio is comprised of three composer-performers: Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer); Tom Chiu (violin); and Jason Cady (modular synthesizer).

DAN JOSEPH – Electroacoustic Works, 2xCD on XI Records  (2017)
Electroacoustic Works collects three major pieces from the early 21st century by New York-based composer Dan Joseph. This 2 CD release includes Set of Four, a group of fixed-media sound collages using the processed hammer dulcimer as the primary sound source, two live performances of Dulcimer Flight for electroacoustic hammer dulcimer, and a 64-minute version of Periodicity Piece #6, a mixed-media work that originated as a multi-channel sound installation. With roots in early minimalism, ambient music and acoustic ecology, the works herein represent a significant subset of the composer’s larger body of work from the past twenty years which he has developed alongside an active career as a composer of instrumental chamber music. The CD release includes liner notes by Alan Licht.

DAN JOSEPH & ANDREA WILLIAMS – Guided By Sound, self-released digital album (2015)
An album of collaborative soundscapes by Dan Joseph and Andrea Williams. Recorded at Studio PASS, January-February 2014 as part of a New Works Residency at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, New York City. harvestworks.org

DAN JOSEPH – Tonalization (for the afterlife), Mutable Music CD (2011)
A collection of chamber works by New York-based composer and hammer dulcimer player Dan Joseph. The central work is the 33-minute multi-movement sextet Tonalization (for the afterlife) scored for flute, violin, cello, marimba, harpsichord and hammer dulcimer. The work, composed in 2009, was the composer’s first new large-scale piece to follow his 2006 collection Archaea and marked the return of the Dan Joseph Ensemble to New York’s concert stages after a two-year hiatus. Along with the accompanying duos Wind Patterns and Music Primer, these three works formed the core of the ensemble’s repertoire from 2009 to 2011.

DAN JOSEPH – Archaea, Mutable Music CD (2006)
Three extended chamber works performed by the Dan Joseph Ensemble: Tom Chiu (violin), Michael Lowenstern (clarinet), Danny Tunick (percussion), Marija Ilic (harpsichord), Loren Dempster (cello) and the composer on hammer dulcimer. “Archaea is an intriguing contemporary minimalist album……a sophisticated and beautifully performed personal expression……as vibrant as Phillip Glass’s early works: it is fresh, young, and perfectly straddles that fine line of pop new music on which Glass, Riley, Reich, Hassel, Eno, and others rode to fame in the 1960s and ’70s……a great way to introduce new composition to younger ears, and to lighten the soul of the jaded listener.” Musicworks (Canada)

JOHN INGLE / DAN JOSEPH DUO – trancepatterns, Dendroica Music CD, (2000)
The saxophone and hammer dulcimer duo’s only album featuring studio recordings and live concert recordings with guests India Cooke, violin, and Miya Masaoka, laser koto

DAN JOSEPH – Digital Ephemera, self-released digital album (2011)
Three extended works of experimental electronica composed between 1998 and 2007.

1980s (Washington, DC)

DAN JOSEPH – The Woolly Mammoth Tapes, Nostalgia de la Boue digital release (1989/2013)
The Woolly Mammoth Tapes is a collection of five previously unreleased ambient-industrial tracks composed in close chronological proximity during the late 1980s. At the time I was still in Washington, DC, living and working in an industrial loft space at 1512 14th Street in a building that also housed, among other artists and cultural enterprises, the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company. While there is no literal connection between these tracks and the theater company, it’s a meaningful association for me and helps to situate the music in its time and place.

CYRNAI / DAN JOSEPH – The Hypno- Seizure Tape, self-released cassette (1988)
First released on cassette in 1988, The Hypno-Seizure Tape is a split release by Cyrnai and Dan Joseph. It was self-published by the artists and distributed through the international cassette underground. At the time of its release, Cyrnai (Carolyn Fok) lived in San Francisco, and Joseph in Washington, DC, and each artist assembled and distributed their own copies from separate master tapes. In 2019, Cyrnai’s side was reissued on vinyl by Dark Entries as part of a 6xLP box set documenting her work from 1980-1990. This is the first official reissue (digital) of the complete recording, transferred and re-mastered by Joseph from his original metal cassette master.

DAN JOSEPH – Sonorous Alchemy, self-released cassette (1988)
Sonorous Alchemy is a work of ambient-industrial electroacoustic tape music composed in the late 1980s. It was the second in a three-part series of long-form home-studio works using shortwave radio, processed electric guitars, processed cello and synthesizers.

DAN JOSEPH – No. 3, Sound of Pig Music cassette (1988)
No.3 is a work of ambient-industrial electro-acoustic tape music composed in the late 1980s. It is the third in a three-part series (the others were MORPHEUS and SONOROUS ALCHEMY) of long-form home-studio works that were released as C-60 cassettes in quick succession. No.3 was made on a Tascam 244 cassette four-track with synthesizers, electric guitars, field recordings, found sounds, piano, and voice (by Nalinee Darmrong).

DAN JOSEPH – Morpheus, Forced Nostalgia CD (1987, RE 2015)
Morpheus is a work of ambient-industrial electro-acoustic tape music composed in the late 1980s. It is the first in a three-part series of long-form home-studio works that were released in quick succession. Originally self-released (C-60 cassette) in 1987, it has been re-issued as a numbered, limited edition (200) CD.

DAN JOSEPH – Troubled Gardens Cassette, self-released cassette (1985)
This collection of 4-track bedroom recordings was released on cassette simultaneously with the EP Eden Revisited (Fountain of Youth Records, Bethesda, MD) by the DC-based band Troubled Gardens of which Dan Joseph was guitarist and principal songwriter. The cassette was offered via mail order on the album’s back cover and was distributed among friends in the DC music scene. Composed between 1983 and 1985 while Dan was immersed in DC’s punk/post-punk/new wave underground most notably as a member of 9353 and the Crippled Pilgrims.

TROUBLED GARDENS – Eden Revisited, Fountain of Youth mini-album (1985)
Originally released in 1985 by Fountain of Youth Records, Eden Revisited was the only release by the short-lived DC-based trio Troubled Gardens. Active from 1984 to 1985, the band was originally formed by Dan Joseph (guitar, synthesizer and drum machine programming), Eric Anderson (bass) and Colin Sears (vocals and synthesizer).

9353 – Make Your Last Days Loud Days, Adult Swim CD (1985/1993)
Out-of-print compact disc AS6CD released by Adult Swim Records (Arlington, VA) in 1993. Includes the 1985 Fountain of Youth Records LP “We Are Absolutely Sure There Is No God” (tracks 5 to 12) plus 8 additional tracks.

9353 – Overdoses At Your Mother’s House, Adult Swim CD (1984/1993)
Out of print compact disc AS5CD released by Adult Swim Records (Arlington, VA) in 1993. Includes the 1984 R & B Records LP “To Whom It May Consume” (tracks 6-13), plus 9 additional tracks.

CRIPPLED PILGRIMS – Down Here: Collected Recordings 1983-1985, Parasol CD (2004)
Reissue of the complete recordings by the 1980s DC-based neo-psychedelic band with Jay Moglia (vocals, guitar), Scott Wingo (guitar, vocals), Mitch Parker (bass, vocals) and Dan Joseph (drums, piano).

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