My new multi-channel sound installation, Periodicity Piece #10 (Island Time) opens this weekend at the Harvestworks Art and Technology House in Nolan Park, Governors Island

 🔉 Listen to a sample

Informed by early minimalism, acoustic ecology, deep listening and ambient music, Periodicity Piece #10 combines a diverse collection of sounds into a slowly changing sonic ecosystem. Drawing on the unique Governors Island setting, the work offers a unique, site-specific listening experience that both engages the listener’s attention while also allowing for contemplation and a broader form of listening. 

  • DATES: Oct 2 – Oct 31. Weekends and by appointment through October 31, 2021
  • PERFORMANCE: Saturday Oct 30, 2021 (rescheduled from Oct 10)

I’ll be hanging out on the island all day tomorrow, and on weekends throughout the month, and there will be a performance on Saturday Oct 30th. I invite you to venture out on the water to experience Island Time!

Best Regards, Dan 🗽

New Sound Installation 🔉…

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