Sunday February 26, 2023 3pm 5pmPeriodicity Piece #10

Periodicity Piece #10 (2021) is a mixed-media, multi-channel sound installation informed by early minimalism, acoustic ecology, deep listening and ambient music. Part of a series of works that I began in the mid 1990s, the goal of these periodicity pieces is to establish multiple rates of periodicity, ranging from short musically metrical repetitions, to longer patterns of recurrence. The resulting experience is to give the listener a rich and complex sense of passing time on multiple planes. The slowly repeating structures heard throughout create a kind of fixed architectural space into which the other sound events are cast, creating a slowly changing sonic ecosystem. I think of it as an augmented soundscape, or sonic portal, that can engage the attention of the listener while also allowing for contemplation and a broader form of listening.

All of the sounds were created and/or recorded by myself, with excerpts of performances by Tom Chiu (violin), Danny Tunick & Chris Mannigan (marimba & saxophone), and Affinity Brass. Periodicity Piece #10 was commissioned by Harvestworks for the organization’s exhibition space on Governors Island where it premiered in October 2021. Thank you to 411 Kent, Shift and David Watson for hosting this presentation.

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